This Sector is led by Myanmar

Current important projects in the energy sector are the development of regional hydrocarbon and hydropower, energy infrastructure (natural gas), energy information centre and energy trading network between members. Myanmar already hosted 5 Expert Group Meetings for the Energy Sector.

India hosted the 1st Ministerial Meeting on Energy on 4 October 2005 in which a joint statement was made and an action plan was adopted.


  1. Oil and Gas

       The Trans BIMSTEC Gas Pipeline Project was identified.

  1. Thailand conducted Feasibility Study for Trans BIMSTEC Gas Pipeline Project and organised a Task Force meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2001 and Pre Feasibility was completed in late 2004.
  2. A Task Force meeting to decide Terms of Reference for the study on Trans BIMSTEC Gas Pipeline(s) was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 28-29 June 2006 together with a Workshop on Petroleum Reserves in BIMSTEC Region.
  1. Power

The BIMSTEC Trans Power Exchange and Development Project was identified.

  1. Thailand was assigned to coordinate a Task Force to initiate the projects starting preparations of Terms of Reference for the Task Force and Memorandum of Understanding to be signed among the member countries.
  2. In order to establish the BIMSTEC Trans Power Exchange and Development Project, the Workshop on Harmonisation of Grid Standards held on 6 February 2006 in India drafted the MOU.
  3. With emphasis on remote area electrification, India hosted a Workshop on Sharing Experience in Developing Hydro Project in October 2006.
  4. Thailand hosted a Regional Workshop and Study Visit on Biomass Gasification for Power Production under BIMSTEC Cooperation on13-14 May 2008.

Non Conventional Sources of Energy

The BIMSTEC member countries participated in the following new and renewable sources energy sector cooperation activities in accordance with the Declaration of First BIMSTEC Energy Ministerial Meeting and Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation in BIMSTEC.

  1. Development of New and Renewable Sources
  2. Small Hydro Project
  3. Rice Husk Co-generation
  4. Standard and Testing


  1. Declaration of the First BIMSTEC Energy Minister’s Conference