This Sector is led by Thailand.

The 1st Fisheries Expert Group Meeting was held in Thailand on 5-7 February 2001. The meeting agreed to adopt the Term of Reference of the BIMSTEC Sectoral Committee on Fisheries. Consequently, the Department of Fishery of Thailand proposed the “Ecosystem-based Fishery Management in the Bay of Bengal” as a priority project of this sector, while Bangladesh proposed 2 other relevant projects, namely the “Study on Impact of Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling on the Marine Fisheries Resource in Bay of Bengal” and “Marine Fisheries Stock Assessment, Management and Development of New Fisheries in Bay of Bengal”. The Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management in the Bay of Bengal was finished in December 2007 and the full report of the said study will be published shortly. Thailand has hosted another Expert Group Meeting in which the 3 projects were discussed simultaneously on 5-7 September 2005.

Thailand also hosted Workshop on Fisheries Cooperation was held on 8-10 May 2007 in Phuket. The workshop aimed to have consultation among BIMSTEC Countries about the past and future cooperation on fisheries. Many fisheries cooperation needs had been prioritized. For example; Awareness building of potential expansion of aquaculture and application of appropriate technology and new cultivable species for aquaculture.


(Last updated on 18 October 2017)