This Sector is led by Sri-Lanka

The 1st and 2nd BIMSTEC Expert Group Meetings on Technology were held in New Delhi in December 2000 and October 2002, respectively. The “BIMSTEC Agreed Statement on Cooperation in Technology Sector” was reached at the 1st Meeting, while the 2nd Meeting discussed the agro-based technology and ICT as appeared in the “Colombo Joint Declaration” adopted at the Meeting.

Sri Lanka hosts the BIMSTEC Official website,, and the materials for the said website provided by BIMSTEC Center. Expert Group Meeting on the Establishment of a BIMSTEC Technology Transfer Exchange Facility will be held after June 2008. Sri Lanka is waiting for members to convey their views on the Concept Paper.


  1. Co-operation on technology transfer – Chair Country India
  2. Information technology products and services – Chair Country India


  1. Colombo Joint Declaration, Expert Group Meeting on Technology Cooperation, Colombo, 7-8 October 2002
  2. Progress Report to SOM – Feb 2004