This Sector is led by India.

The 2nd Roundtable and Workshop of Tourism Ministers was held on 28-30 August 2006, where the Kathmandu Declaration on Tourism Cooperation and the Plan of Action, proposed in Kolkata, were adopted.

In May 2007, comments from all member countries on the Terms of Reference for setting up the Tourism Working Group had been conveyed to the Ministry of Tourism of India. The comments and suggestions will be compiled for further actions. India will then set the date of the 1st BIMSTEC Tourism Working Group Meeting. Details will be conveyed shortly.

BIMSTEC has decided to set up the Tourism Fund with the seed money of USD 10,000 from each country and the Tourism Working Group will be managing the fund.


  1. Declaration BIMSTEC Round Table and Workshop of Tourism Ministers and Tourism Industry Representatives, Kolkata, February 21-23, 2005
  2. BIMSTEC Forum on Tourism in Calcutta October 1998
  3. Follow up action on 2nd BIMSTEC on Ministerial meeting December 1998, Dhaka