Transport & Communication

This Sector is led by India

The 1st Meeting of the BIMSTEC Expert Group on Transport and Communication Sector was held on 23-24 April 2001, in New Delhi. The Meeting discussed various concerned issues, including Transportation and Cross-border Facilitation, Multimodal Transport and Logistics, Infrastructure Development, Aviation, Maritime Transport, HRD, as well as Communication Linkages and Networking.

BIMSTEC members recognized the importance to create air, sea, and land linkages. They include the open sky policy in BIMSTEC, development of the Tri-lateral Highway Project between Thai-Myanmar-India and Thai-Myanmar-Bangladesh, which will facilitate land transport from the Bay of Bengal to the South China Sea. In terms of sea transport, there are the coastal navigation project and a feasibility study on Tavoy, proposed by India


  1. Identification and promotion of new inter-modal linkages within BIMSTEC countries. – Chair country India.
  2. Improving efficiency of international land transport in BIMSTEC countries


  1. Progress Report by India on BIMSTEC Cooperation In Transport and Communication