Agriculture and Food Security

(i) Agriculture
(ii) Fisheries & Livestock

Myanmar is the lead country for the coordination of activities in the Agriculture and Food Security Sector.At the Eighth BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 19 December 2005, Agriculture was included as a stand-alone sector of BIMSTEC cooperation.

Institutional Mechanism

1. BIMSTEC Expert Group Meeting on Agricultural Cooperation (EGMAC)- 08 rounds held
2. BIMSTEC Senior Officials’ Meeting on Agriculture (SOM-A)-01 Meeting held
3. BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture (BAMM)-01 Meeting held

Progress of Agricultural Cooperation (Common Projects)

The 1st EGMAC (Myanmar, 15-16 March 2007) identified Areas of Cooperation, Plan of Action and Common Projects under Agricultural cooperation. The 2nd EGMAC (India, 24-26 April 2008) designated Lead Coordinating Countries to spearhead cooperation on each of the Common Projects. The 7th EGMAC (Bangladesh, 24-25 April 2019) decided to have the following Seven (7)Common Projects:

1. Workshop on Developing Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)- Thailand
2. Food Security Information System and its Networks – Bangladesh
3. South-South East Asian Diagnosis Network for Ensuring Bio-security and Bio-safety- India
4. Human Resources Development in Agriculture- India
5. Encouraging private sector participation especially in value-chain management for agricultural products- Myanmar
6. Workshop on Promotion of Agricultural Trade and Investment among BIMSTEC Member States- Bhutan
7. Development of Seed Sector in BIMSTEC Member States- India

BIMSTEC Scholarship on Agriculture

During the First BAMM and following up on the discussions of the First BIMSTEC SOM-A (Myanmar, 11-12 July 2019), India agreed to extend fully-funded BIMSTEC Scholarship in Agriculture – 06 slots for Masters and 06 slots for Ph.D. programme (one Master and one Ph.D. for each BIMSTEC Member State).

Fisheries & Livestock

The 17th BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting (Colombo– virtual, 01 April 2021) decided to establish an Expert Group on Fisheries and Livestock to deal with issues pertaining to Fisheries & Livestock. The Expert Group, once established, will have to develop a Plan of Action/Work Porgram and generate concrete project-based activities for the promotion of fisheries and livestock.