BIMSTEC-ADB Virtual Consultation Workshop facilitates agreement on next steps to finalise the study report on the BIMSTEC Transport Connectivity Infrastructure Financing


At BIMSTEC Secretariat


The BIMSTEC Secretariat, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), jointly organized a Virtual Consultation Workshop on Transport Connectivity Infrastructure Financing on 16 September 2021.

Workshop participants included representatives from all BIMSTEC Member States, officials and a consultant from the ADB, and officials of the BIMSTEC Secretariat.

The objectives of the workshop were to: identify and recommend appropriate actions required to address the financing gap in the BIMSTEC region, including private sector participation; stimulate and clarify linkages and inter-relationships between financing tools and development stage of BIMSTEC Member States; and gather inputs on current study findings and align on next steps to finalize the study.

During the workshop, the Consultant of ADB presented the study report on the BIMSTEC Transport Connectivity Infrastructure Financing. The Workshop succeeded in facilitating the gathering of input and feedback from Member State participants on the study’s findings, and reaching agreement on the next steps to finalize the study report.