Sixth Meeting of the BIMSTEC Expert Group on Agricultural Cooperation


At Thailand

The Sixth Meeting of the BIMSTEC Expert Group on Agricultural Cooperation was held from 12-16 December 2017 in Chiang Rai, Thailand at the invitation of the Government of Thailand. Delegations from the Member States, except Bhutan, attended the Meeting.

The Meeting reviewed the implementation status of the Nine Identified Common Projects and and proposed the following agendas for submission to the First BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting on Agricultural Cooperation to be held in Myanmar in 2018-19, for deepening the agricultural cooperation among the Member States: 

  1. Creation of Corpus Fund by the Member States for successful implementation of the Identified Common Projects.
  2. Introduction of BIMSTEC Scholarships to pursue Masters and Ph.D. programmes in Agriculture and related disciplines in the Agricultural Universities of the BIMSTEC Member States.

The Meeting also underscored the need to improve the coordination between the Secretariat and the National Focal Points (NFPs) in the respective Member States for better facilitation of the BIMSTEC activities and requested the Secretariat to provide contact details of the National and Sectoral Focal Points on the BIMSTEC website to enable the Member States to follow-up on the decisions of the Meetings and for informal discourses to take place among the concerned sectors and the stakeholders, as and when required.