The 5th Meeting of the BIMSTEC Permanent Working Committee (BPWC) held in Bangkok from 13-15 September 2022


At Bangkok, Thailand

The 5th Meeting of the BIMSTEC Permanent Working Committee (BPWC) was hosted by Thailand, as the current Chair of BIMSTEC, from 13-15 September 2022.

The BPWC which is a core mechanism of BIMSTEC consists of representatives from the respective Ministries of External and Foreign Affairs (i.e. National Focal Points) of the BIMSTEC Member States.

Representatives from all the BIMSTEC Member State ministries of External/ Foreign Affairs participated in the in-person 5th Meeting of the BPWC which deliberated on a series of important issues pertaining to administrative and institution-building aspects of BIMSTEC as well as the means to be pursued for strengthening regional cooperation in the seven sectors identified for BIMSTEC cooperation.

The Special Remarks delivered by the Secretary General at the commencement of the meeting can be accessed online


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