BIMSTEC Energy Centre



BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC)

The First BIMSTEC Energy Ministers Conference held on 04 October 2005 in New Delhi, agreed to the setting up of a BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC) to share experience in reforms, restructuring, regulation and best practice in the energy sector.

A Concept Note in this regard was discussed by representatives of BIMSTEC Member States on 25-27 January 2006.

Objectives of the Centre:

Coordinate, facilitate, and strengthen cooperation in the energy sector in the BIMSTEC region by promoting experience sharing and capacity building.

-Create, manage and evaluate energy-related data-base, relevant to the region, and take into view various on-going activities, and suggest a road map for meaningful intra-BIMSTEC cooperation.

-Prepare and operationalise a framework for networking among the national level institutions in the region.

-Prepare the groundwork, such as feasibility studies, data collection etc., for intra-BIMSTEC energy related projects.

-Study, compile, and disseminate the prevailing policies of the BIMSTEC member countries in different areas of energy sector.

-Enhance cooperation for capacity building and sharing of experiences on best practices, including reforms, regulation and energy efficiency.

-Function as the Secretariat for energy cooperation activities.