The BIMSTEC Summit is the supreme decision-making body in BIMSTEC comprising the Heads of State or Government of BIMSTEC Member States.


The Summit

o Deliberates, provides policy guidance and takes decisions on key issues pertaining to the realization of the purposes of BIMSTEC, important matters of interest to Member States and all issues referred to it by the BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting and BIMSTEC Sectoral Ministerial Bodies

o Addresses emergency situations affecting BIMSTEC by taking appropriate measures

o Decides on application for admission of new Member States and Observers

o Authorizes the establishment and dissolution of Sectoral Ministerial Bodies and BIMSTEC Centres/ Entities

It is envisaged that the BIMSTEC Summit Meetings shall be:

o Held once every two years, preceded by the Ministerial Meeting, and be hosted by the Member State holding the BIMSTEC Chairmanship; and

o Convened whenever necessary, as Special Summit to be chaired by the Member State holding the BIMSTEC Chairmanship, at a venue to be agreed upon by BIMSTEC Member States.

o The Chairman of BIMSTEC may, at his own initiative or at the request of a Member State, convene a Special Summit to address an important issue pertaining to the interest of BIMSTEC with the concurrence of all Member States.

o All decisions of the Summit Meetings shall be made on the basis of consensus.