Public Health

This sector is led by Thailand.

The Summit discussed the necessity of supporting the cooperation on Biodiversity for an efficient use of various natural resources found in the member countries in order to strengthen the existing cooperation. The Summit also considered the issues of giving legal protection and the agreement to establish a network of national centers of excellence in the field of traditional medication for helping the impoverished. Thailand has accepted to lead this sector which includes the issue of generic drugs production as well.

In the 8th Ministerial Meeting, Thailand proposed that this sector of cooperation be elevated into a comprehensive cooperation on Public health, due to the concern that public health problem has been an important factor that directly effect the region’s economy and well being of the people.

So far, Thailand hosted the 1st BIMSTEC Network of National Center of Coordination in Traditional Medicine: Traditional Medicine Development on 29-30 Aug 2006, Bangkok.




(Last updated on 18 October 2017)